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Following the recent launch of EquateMobile, we speak with Adrian Wyss, CTO at Equatex, about the increasing demand for mobile apps within the financial industry and Equatex’s answer to accessing your compensation plans on the go:

“In general, within the financial industry we are seeing banks investing a lot of money in new technology and, in particular, mobile applications. The industry has been playing catch up over the last couple of years as they recognise the value in being closer to clients and users wherever they are in the world.

I have noticed that the public, globally speaking, choose their banking providers – among other selection criteria – also based on their technology capabilities and offerings. The need for consumers to have immediate access to their finances has increased hugely. We as consumers want simple, user-efficient access to a realm of potentially complicated data. We are seeing customers staying with their banks and vendors because they offer the latest and best technology. This suggests technology acts as a retention factor and the financial sector is utilising this by starting to offer simple-to-use, low maintenance and state-of-the-art technology.

These trends and developments have certainly helped shape the way things are done at Equatex. We have a global, multilingual customer base from varying backgrounds and cultures and it is important that we get close and relate to them all. Seeing the use of smartphones and tablets grow, it is important that we are involved and cater to our customers’ needs where possible. We understand that not all our plan participants have access to computers at work or at home. However, what we have discovered is that the vast majority have access to a smartphone or a tablet, which lead us towards developing our services through an additional channel and not just via a website.

Developing for needs

We started to develop EquateMobile about two years ago. We didn’t start development because everyone else was, but because there was a very specific need. Our corporate customers wanted something simple yet sophisticated, easily accessible but secure. EquateMobile offers plan participants flexible access to their EquatePlus portfolio where they can easily keep up to date with the portfolio value displayed in a real-time format.

The app has a unique timeline functionality that allows users to have an overview of past, present and future events of their compensation plans. They are able to see upcoming events and past events, like additional grants, tax events or expirations on the go, anytime, anywhere. EquateMobile also provides a plan overview, with the ability to drill down into more detail but still in a very user friendly way. Additionally and to introduce even more flexibility, our app offers the set-up of various languages and the implementation of various plan election functionalities. We appreciate many of our users don’t have a vast knowledge of financial language, and unfamiliar jargon may hinder a positive user experience which is why we’ve ensured it’s simple to understand and navigate.

Ultimately, when it comes to finances, our customers also want security. The app is protected by state-of-the-art security standards and enables users to have immediate access through a one-password entry point.

It is a very exciting time at Equatex and introducing EquateMobile has helped give us that unique edge. We want to keep up to date with technology trends as workplace and consumer behaviour is forever evolving around it. However, our focus remains on our customer’s requirements and satisfaction, ensuring we deliver truly beneficial services.”

You can find more out about EquateMobile here

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