Accurate Equity changes name to Equatex


Accurate Equity changes name to Equatex

Norway | 17 July 2015

Accurate Equity, the largest supplier of software and services for compensation plans in the Nordic region, changes its formal company names following the acquisition by Equatex.

Following the news release in March 2015, we are pleased to announce the completion of the Accurate Equity business integration into Equatex. The formal company names of the Nordic subsidiaries will be changed as follows:

Accurate Equity AS > Equatex Norway AS
Accurate Equity Finland OY > Equatex Finland OY
Accurate Equity Sweden AB > Equatex Sweden AB
Accurate Equity Employee Services AS > Equatex Employee Services AS


The successful integration of the financial reporting solution into the Equatex global administration platform, considerably extends its capabilities to offer state-of-the-art technology within both plan administration and an extensive range of advanced accounting and disclosure reporting.

Finn Dahl, Head of Equatex Nordic commented: “We are happy about the exceptional progress we have made in a short time with the technical system integration. It is also great to see how close the team already works together and how they partner cross-border. This creates a very good position for the further successful development of the Equatex business.”

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