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“We take a holistic view, considering the clients entire compensation plan management process, when developing a new product or enhancing an existing one,” says Johanna, who is describing the approach she takes to product development. She has recently been involved in the development and implementation of EquateFalcon, the powerful new awards engine for EquatePlus, and Equatex’s “holistic” approach to product design is very much evident.

Delivering new awards for employees is complex and time-consuming; it is also critically important for companies to have a fully auditable trail to remain compliant in the face of stringent regulation. EquateFalcon cuts the time and effort involved in the process of delivering new awards.

The development of the engine began in 2012 when UBS required more functionality for their share plan administration. “With different jurisdictions, plans and vehicles, share plan administration can become very complicated, especially for multinationals like UBS which are granting tens of thousands of awards,” says Johanna. “And it can’t be wrong – the process needs to be auditable to ensure its security.”

The platform, therefore, benefits large multinationals that are operating complex plans. “When you have a lot of variation – different types of plans, tax rules, jurisdictions, the platform simplifies the process,” adds Johanna. “Some industries are also more heavily audited, particularly the financial sector, healthcare and life sciences, so the platform is also of great benefit for those industries which have increased auditory requirements.”

Reflect takes a closer look at EquateFalcon’s benefits.


With its built-in reporting capabilities, EquateFalcon is efficient and helps Equatex’s clients save time. Multinationals may focus more on the details rather than the strategy of their share plans; however the rules for the awards are done in advance on EquateFalcon so clients can use the time to think about the bigger picture.


Spreadsheets and manual calculations are no longer suitable for multinationals today; they are complicated and susceptible to human error. When there is a grant coming up, the engine does everything automatically – it automates the process of allocating awards across complex organisations while reducing the risk of errors.


Share plans for multinationals must adhere to the regulation and tax systems of many different jurisdictions. EquateFalcon is a streamlined solution that ensures compliance with local regulation. It is designed for complex multi-jurisdiction schemes with extensive levels, rules and exceptions, which then sit in the Falcon. “Rules for share plans may comprise a 100-page document,” says Johanna. “These rules can be put into a closed system in a safe way, which can be audited afterwards. Clients have the assurance that it has all been done correctly.”

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