Empower and engage participants with EquateMobile 2.0

EquateMobile has been updated to version 2.0

Empower and engage participants with EquateMobile 2.0

Zurich | 18 October 2017

EquateMobile app empowers employees to manage compensation and share plans on the go


Global compensation plan provider Equatex has released an updated version of its EquateMobile app, which allows plan participants to efficiently manage their company shares, options and other forms of compensation on the go. Introducing a new mobile user experience fitted around plan participants’ busy lives, Equatex provides corporate clients with a powerful tool to increase plan engagement and empower employees to act on their compensation plans, independent of time and location. 

In terms of its design and user experience, the completely overhauled EquateMobile app represents a direct continuation of Equatex’s user-centric product development approach, which the company has introduced with the release of its flagship compensation plan platform EquatePlus a year ago. The new version of the app is available for iOS and Android devices and allows plan participants to monitor and actively engage with their compensation and company shares portfolio in a secure manner on mobile devices.

The core functionality of EquateMobile includes the trading of different compensation instruments, such as shares, options and warrants as well as retrieving the most up-to-date information about a participant’s personal compensation portfolio. From the palm of their hand, plan participants can buy additional company shares under the terms of the scheme offered by their employer. Employees can also sell assets held in their plan to cover tax expenses or divest parts of their portfolio. At a glance, the app shows plan participants all open and completed transactions, the total current market value of their portfolio and the value of financial instruments available for trading. Access to the app is protected by two-step authentication to ensure maximum security.

Thanks to a built-in personal inbox and push notifications, EquateMobile offers companies an effective tool to reach out to their plan participants, wherever they are. And to make participation in plan elections as effortless as possible and drive participation rate, plan issuers can make purchase plan and customised elections available directly in the app.

Equatex CEO Andrej Golob said: “By offering EquateMobile to their employees, companies establish a powerful additional channel to foster plan engagement and promote an increased sense of ownership among plan participants. We’re excited to offer our clients this latest Equatex innovation, which can be a crucial component to drive the success of their compensation strategy.“

Equatex CTO Adrian Wyss said: “With the new version of our EquateMobile app, we bring the user-centric mindset that shaped our successful EquatePlus platform to the small screen. Applying our user experience-led approach to the mobile world, we created a purpose-built channel that specifically caters to the needs of plan participants on the go.“

EquateMobile is available to corporate clients, managing their share and compensation plans on EquatePlus, as a standard and premium version. The app is available for iOS and Android in 9 languages.

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