EquatePlus autumn release introduces powerful new features

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EquatePlus autumn release introduces powerful new features

Zurich, 27 September 2015


Equatex released the latest enhancements to its share and compensation plan administration platform EquatePlus with a range of new features that speed up onboarding of new plan participants and prevent participants from losing their benefits when stock options held in their plans expire.

Getting started on EquatePlus just became a lot quicker

With its latest release, EquatePlus allows new participants to set their password and log on to the platform for the first time by making use of the two-factor authentication process introduced earlier this year. During the process, new participants confirm their mobile phone number with the help of a one-time password sent to them by text message and instantly gain full access to their EquatePlus account.

Instantly regain access in case of lost passwords

A second improvement based on two-factor authentication is the new online password recovery process. When participants can’t remember their password, they will be given temporary password via email and a verification code will be sent directly to their mobile phone. This allows participants to instantly and securely regain access to their accounts.

Never miss out on selling expiring stock options

If plan participants fail to exercise stock options held in their plans on time, they risk losing the associated benefits. To avoid this situation, EquatePlus has introduced an auto-sell feature to ensure options are exercised before they expire. If activated, the auto-sell functionality will only exercise expiring options if they are in the money and the transaction will result in a positive cash amount at the current market price and after considering estimated taxes and commissions.

Send formatted email communications

EquatePlus e-mail capabilities have been enhanced to provide companies with more efficient and effective plan related communications. Email text now supports html formatting and personalisation fields. The enhanced email module also allows for test e-mails to be sent to one or multiple email addresses to preview content and prevent any unexpected transformation of the format by different email clients.



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