New EquatePlus release boosts security and user experience

EquatePlus introduces powerful new features to increase security and make the platform more convenient to use.

New EquatePlus release boosts security and user experience

Zurich, 28 November 2015

Equatex has today updated its share and compensation plan administration platform EquatePlus. The latest release brings a number of new features to enhance security and usability for plan participants.

Keeping sensitive transactions safe

The two-factor authentication process introduced on EquatePlus earlier this year can now be applied to protect sensitive transactions. When enabled, participants will be asked for additional confirmation via a one time password sent to their mobile phone if they’d like to place high volume orders, make changes to bank or brokerage accounts, or update their personal details. In addition, an email notification will be sent to plan participants whenever their password has been changed.

A further step to create a leading user experience

In a further step to enhance the user experience for plan participants, Equatex introduces an updated design for EquatePlus participant pages. The new design features a wider layout for better overview and neutral colours to better work with client brands. The design was developed for today’s web browsers and features a touch screen friendly interface as well as clean and de-cluttered table design.

The new participant pages are available to all corporate clients for rollout to their plan participants.

Enhanced statements show key information at a glance

A new portfolio overview section placed right at the beginning of the year-end statement provides plan participants with a quick overview of key figures. In an instant, participants see the current and actionable values as well as the outstanding and actionable quantity of securities for each of their plans.

The latest EquatePlus update also introduces improvements to the Swiss Wealth Tax statements to reflect the latest guidelines from tax authorities.

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