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This autumn, Equatex is excited to unveil an ambitious project that we embarked on last year. Together with design and strategy partner, frog, we have developed a next generation user experience for EquatePlus, our platform for equity based compensation plans. The platform will become even more intuitive and significantly enhance employees’ experiences of share plan participation, making it unique in our marketplace.

Chief Technology Officer, Adrian Wyss, discusses why Equatex sought to enhance the User Experience (UX) of its platform EquatePlus and what it means for the end user.

The expectations of end users have increased over the last few years and the world has changed since EquatePlus was re-launched five years ago. What’s more, the platform is used by multiple companies with specific plans and arrangements, but also with a diverse set of employees with different levels of expertise. Our goal in this project was to make the platform easier to use. We wanted to simplify the process and offer more guidance to participants.

Listening to external views was important in challenging the status quo. The initial ideas were collected from end users, including our corporate customers. We transformed these ideas into the design concept and presented the prototype in a series of workshops. The archetypes helped in the initial phase of the project, and when we had to make a decision about the design, we could return to them.

The users have common needs in that they wanted the platform to be simpler, more transparent and easier to understand; they also wanted to see different information depending on their type of plan. So, information is now much more specific and specialised. We also have completely new approaches to the communication on the platform, how bank details are registered and how the holdings or the performance of a participant are presented.

At the same time, the end users are very diverse, so we also focused on the different user journeys on the platform. An end user who doesn’t have a financial background can log in to the landing page and the information they need is right there, while more sophisticated users who understand more complex details can move on to further levels. So there are different user journeys depending on their needs and requirements.

I hope that we can help companies with the enhanced platform. It is one system but employees will be able to use multiple functionalities and features. Companies provide share plans to retain employees and make them part of the organisation. If we can help employees and make it easier for them to manage their shares, they will hopefully enjoy using the new platform and, as a result, companies will have a higher participation rate and more engaged employees.

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