Equity plans still on a rise and key for company success

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The results of the Global Equity Insights survey 2015 underpin the value of long-term incentives for performance improvements and show that successful companies rely more heavily on such plans across and within all staff levels. In 2015, 144 companies participated from 21 countries worldwide. Read the summarised key findings published by hkp/// group, the consulting firm who conducted the survey. As one of this year’s survey sponsors, we are also pleased to provide you the full results in a PDF edition – please download the full report here.



The survey was conducted by the consulting firm hkp/// group on behalf of Global Equity Organization (GEO) and under academic monitoring of the Chair of Management and Control of the University of Göttingen, Germany. The survey was supported by SAP and Siemens as well as by Equatex as sponsors – all with high stake in equity-based compensation. In 2015, 144 companies participated from 21 countries worldwide.

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