The future of employee engagement in equity compensation

Equatex invited key industry figures to a seminar in London to showcase its innovative approach to communication in employee share plans
Veronique Japp at Seminar for FTSE 250

The future of employee engagement in equity compensation

Equatex recently invited both current and prospective clients from across the FTSE 100 and FTSE 250, along with key industry figures, to a seminar at its London offices to discuss the future of employee engagement in share plans and equity compensation.

“HR technology is changing and Equatex is endeavouring to push the boundaries of what’s currently on offer from providers within the equity compensation industry,” explains UK Head, Veronique Japp. “The seminar gave us the opportunity to showcase our technology and our approach to a subject that always seems high on the industry’s agenda: how to communicate and engage effectively and efficiently with your employees.”

The seminar was broken down into two sessions: the first was a presentation of the new Equatex platform, EquatePlus, following the completion of an extensive, year-long user experience project. Representatives from frog, the design and strategy agency working in partnership with Equatex on this project, presented three different user experience journeys to the audience. The second session focused solely on Equatex’s mobile app, EquateMobile, and the successful launch of this new product in the marketplace.

“Adrian Wyss, Chief Technology Officer, Kevin Mann, Head of Marketing and Employee Communications and Veronique Japp were also on hand to speak with attendees and demonstrate the technological advancements we have here at Equatex, and the benefits to our clients who have come to work with us,” adds Senior Associate, Richard Grier. “In this day and age, allowing your customers to have access to their personal data online via mobile devices and tablets is essential, as people are always on the go. This isn’t simply a mobile version of the website but a fully functional app available in the Apple iTunes store and on Android devices; its capabilities are ground-breaking and we are the first to have this technology.”

Both the app and the enhanced platform demonstrations were met with great feedback and resounding positivity. “It’s always interesting for us hear our clients’ feedback, and the feedback from our colleagues within the equity compensation industry space,” says Veronique.