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Issue 5 of the all-new Reflect digital magazine is themed around change and transformation
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Reflect, the magazine of insightful business ideas from Equatex, has relaunched as an innovative digital publication.

Given the magazine’s new look and feel, it was only fitting that this issue be dedicated to the theme of transformation. While organisations may have been reluctant to change in the past, they need to be adaptable in order to prosper in today’s hyper-connected world.

In this issue:

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Consumerisation of HR

The differences between technology at home and in the workplace are disappearing. CEO of Equatex, Andrej Golob, tells Reflect what it means for the HR and share plan industries

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Transitional times

How can organisations make sure their transformation initiatives succeed? Change specialist, author and speaker, Dr. Mark DeVolder, believes the secret lies in effectively managing the process of transitions

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The contact sport of business

Co-authors of REORG: How to Get It Right, Suzanne Heywood and Stephen Heidari-Robinson, offer a practical guide to help leaders negotiate one of the toughest transformation initiatives – reorganisations

Chain sequence

Chain reaction

Blockchain has been hailed as the second coming of the internet. Daniel Gasteiger, co-founder of nexussquared, and Adrian Wyss, CTO of Equatex, discuss the hype

Five lessons learned

Tove Selnes, Chief HR Officer of Nordic financial services organisation Storebrand, on what she has learned about technology, transformation and talent in her 20-year career in HR

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We hope you enjoy this issue of Reflect.

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