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The latest issue of Reflect explores employee experience, from reimagining workspaces to rethinking career mobility
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Research by career network and Future Workplace, an HR executive network and research firm, recently determined that 83% of HR leaders said employee experience is either important or very important to their organisation’s success, and they are investing more in training, improving their workspaces and giving more rewards.

As this research indicates, employee experience has become a pressing concern for HR leaders. Our interviewees in this latest issue of Reflect explore its many facets, from physical workspaces to learning and development, technology to strategy.

In issue 7, you will find features on:

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Getting your message across

Equatex’s Chris Dohrmann and Sherry Howes on why communication is essential in enhancing the experience of your plan participants, and where technology can really help

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Go beyond engagement with the best in employee experience

A defined and designed employee experience can push beyond engagement to deliver on your most important business outcomes, says ‘Mr Employee Experience’ and World Employee Experience Institute Founder, Ben Whitter

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A masterclass in career mobility

Career advancement doesn’t necessarily mean a ladder of promotions, says Dr. Beverly Kaye, co-author of Up is Not the Only Way: Rethinking Career Mobility. She considers how managers can enable their employees to take a different career path and what these paths could be

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Your employee experience centre

Jacob Morgan, futurist and author of The Employee Experience Advantage, reimagines workspaces now and in the future

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Five lessons learned

Nestlé’s Eveline Franceschi-Kuhn describes her journey from working in HR to her current role as Compensation and Long Term Incentive Plan Manager, via New York and Texas

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