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Issue 8 of Reflect is all about solving the productivity puzzle
Reflect Issue 8 cover

After a decade of almost continuous slowdown, global productivity is finally beginning to recover. This is good news on the face of it, but continued improvement can never be guaranteed when such complex factors as global population growth and the pace of technological innovation are at play.

Thankfully for HR teams and individuals, it’s much easier to take the steps required to have an immediate and lasting impact on productivity at a business level. In this issue of Reflect we’re focusing on some of the levers we can all pull to maximise our output, using everything from agile working to attention management and technology to teamwork.

In issue 8, you will find features on:


Expert tips to boost productivity

Five experts from a range of fields give two top productivity tips each – one for the individual and one for the workplace

Productivity puzzle

How HR can solve the productivity puzzle

Katie Bailey, Professor of Work and Employment at King’s Business School in London and Jonas Saltnes, Managing Director of Equatex Nordic, discuss the role of HR departments in boosting productivity

Making HR agile

Author and agile expert, Jeff Gothelf, delivers a masterclass in how HR teams can adopt agile working methods and Equatex CTO, Néstor Lombao, explains how our agile approach helps our clients

Lone Wolf Illustration

Dismissing the lone-wolf leader

Teamwork will drive productivity in the workplace of the future says future of work and change leadership expert, Cheryl Cran

Illustration of woman working at standing desk

Five lessons learned

Lonza’s Marc Glaeser discusses the challenges and opportunities facing HR today, and how his company is promoting workplace productivity

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