Success at the GEO Awards

Siemens AG, Novartis International and F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG were recognised at the GEO Annual Awards in Boston
Frank Juhre

Success at the GEO Awards

Equatex’s CFO, Frank Juhre with GEO organisers, Danielle Anderson (left) and Carine Schneider (right).

Equatex’s corporate clients, Siemens AG, Novartis International, F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG were recognised at the Global Equity Organization’s Annual Awards ceremony, which took place in Boston in April. Siemens AG, Novartis International AG and Roche were awarded for Best Plan Effectiveness, Best Use of Employee Share Plans in a Corporate Action, and the Best use of Share Plan in an emerging market award respectively. We would like to thank Siemens, Novartis and Roche for consenting to nominate them for the Global Equity Organization’s Annual Awards.

Equatex’s Communications and Marketing Manager, Fabienne Willi, also won a GEO Star Award at the gala evening on 21 April 2016 in acknowledgment of her contribution to the recent 2015 Pan European Regional Event in Berlin.

“We congratulate them on their success,” says Kevin Stanek, Head of Equatex US. “The awards accentuate the strong points of their plans, their design and communication, and demonstrate that through our partnerships, we are on the right page supporting our clients to achieve their best.”

The awards were an integral part of GEO’s 17th Annual Conference, an event that focuses on pertinent issues in global equity and executive compensation. Nearly 500 of the industry’s most senior representatives attended the 2016 conference, which boasted a world-class line-up of keynote speakers and more than 45 breakout sessions delivered by international experts.

“The purpose of an event like GEO is to get out there and meet with your existing customers, talk to vendors you work with, and meet with former colleagues and even competitors to hear what the latest buzz is in the market,” says Kevin. “Our goal this year was to unveil our new branding and show that we are a true global provider, now operating in the US and growing our presence here.”

In addition to debuting its new branding at its booth, Equatex was very well represented at both the awards and the conference. Stuart Bailey, Business Development UK, and Svein Petter Undheim, Head of the Financial Reporting Competence Centre, collaborated with Jean-Pierre Gaume from HSBC for a breakout session on overcoming the pitfalls of financial reporting for a global workforce. Using the real-world example of HSBC, they presented possible solutions for companies with plan participants spanning five continents.

Overall, the awards and conference were a wonderful success. “It was a very busy, full three days and the attendance was higher than ever,” adds Julia Tensfeldt, Business Development Officer for Equatex. “It’s great that the GEO switches continents each year; it really generates interest and encourages people to return, while recognising the global nature of equity compensation. You are one business regardless of where your company is headquartered or where your employees are. A lot of challenges in the industry are global and can’t be addressed in a vacuum, so events like GEO are important from this global perspective.”

Equatex is already looking forward to participating in next year’s conference in Rome, as well as participating in the GEO’s Pan European event later in the year.

What it means to win a GEO Award

Novartis International AG won Best Use of Employee Share Plans in a Corporate Action in the category of over 100,000 employees. Here, they discuss their solution for employees and share what it means to win an award.

Dennis Weinhold

Ward R. Kramer, SVP Total Rewards (left), and Dr. Dennis-Weinhold from Novartis (right)

“Between 2014 and 2016, Novartis entered into one of the most innovative and complex corporate transactions that markets have seen in recent years, resulting in a wholesale transformation of the Novartis portfolio of business interests. I’m very proud to see our achievements being honoured at the GEO. These transactions impacted all of the Novartis long-term incentive and employee share ownership plans (including restricted stock, tradeable options, restricted stock units, stock options and cash based awards) and in multiple and different ways, dependent upon the nature of the ‘change’ event impacting the individual participant.

“Novartis planned very carefully, in an incredibly short timeframe, what the impact of these transactions on the incentive plans would be, and ensured that they were utilised to support showing the value of the transaction to participants. Retaining and maintaining the focus and motivation of the talent within all organisations had been identified as a critical success factor of the transaction. The long-term incentives had a clear role to play in this and it was therefore essential that participants understood the impact of the transaction on their awards, and were very positive about the outcome. As a consequence, the Novartis participants experienced no change in the operation of their awards, however considerable effort to co-ordinate payrolls and different administration platforms behind the scenes was completed in order to protect both the company and the participants’ financial risks.”

Siemens AG won the “Best Plan Effectiveness Award” in the category of over 100,000 employees.

Marc Muntermann

Marc Muntermann, Siemens (left) and Sally H. Van Zandt from McCormick & Company (right)

Mark Muntermann, who leads the Global Share Program team from Siemens had this to say: “It’s great to see that our target of enhancing Ownership Culture by fostering equity ownership in the company is acknowledged by an independent jury.”