Plan administration

Your interests and needs are at the centre of our plan administration service model

Complexity of plan administration
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Tailored to your needs

We customise our solutions to your brand and requirements

We place your interests and needs at the centre of our service model by offering an end-to-end solution across equity and non-equity based plans.

Our web-based platform EquatePlus is tailored to meet very complex requirements and challenges in the administration of plans in each jurisdiction and regulatory environment.

Flexible plan types

We support a wide range of plan types, including:

Shares, options and warrants

Restricted Share Units (RSU)

Stock Appreciation Rights (SAR)

Stock Settled Appreciation Rights (SSAR)

Bonus deferral plans

Investment Fund Linked Plans

Global ESPP

SIP (Share Incentive Plans)

Performance Plans

Cash plans

SAYE (Save As You Earn)

Phantom plans

Swiss 1e pension plans

Deferred compensation plans

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Administer with ease

Access a state-of-the-art cloud application

All processes are available throughout the full life cycle of your plans, including grants, elections, forfeitures, distributions and compliance checks.


Flexible reporting tools to support all corporate requirements (customised, standard and ad-hoc reporting)

Global reach

Transparent and efficient plan management and administration across divisions and countries through our cloud-based platform


Powerful communication targeting and publishing tool for plan - and event - related communications

Awards processing

Award process support (e. g. Grant calculation, creation and uploading, Election facility) incl. Tax withholding remittance and reporting to local payrolls


A business model based on controlling risk and achieving a high degree of process automation

Conditional logic

Set-up of complex plan conditions such as absolute and relative performance hurdles supported by portfolio simulations with real-time values for your employees

Cut through the complexity of compensation plan administration