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Our expertise comes from our banking heritage in one of the world’s leading financial centres

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At Equatex, we are experts in supporting global banking and financial services organisations. Our heritage is in the banking industry and we operate in one of the world’s strictest and most rigorous environments. We provide highly secure and compliant share plan administration and reporting services for the world’s leading companies. Over recent years there has been increasing regulation relating to how financial services companies can compensate their senior people. At Equatex, we are experts in this arena and we provide a range of specialised services to support the financial services market.


    • We support a wide range of deferred
      compensation plans including equity,
      cash and fund based plans. Our world
      class administration platform, EquatePlus,
      has been developed with governance and
      adherence to regulators requirements
      in mind. We support more than 150
      blue-chip clients and over 1.5 million
      of their employees.

  • Global service

    • With operating centres around the
      world we are able to provide our clients a
      global service including: trading in different
      instruments, on multiple exchanges and
      in various currencies. We have a broad
      custodian network that meets our clients’
      complex requirements.


    • EquatePyramid is the market leading
      solution for the financial reporting of
      deferred compensation.
      As well as being integrated into EquatePlus
      our own plan administration platform,
      EquatePyramid can easily link to other
      third party and HR systems. Our service
      is compliant with IFRS and US GAAP and
      provides a wide range of reporting and
      disclosure reports.


We work with some of the largest financial service organsiations in the world and have expertise in:

  • Helping companies calculate individual employee awards via EquateFalcon our powerful and flexible allocations tool
  • Malus and clawback provisions
  • Supporting awards which are linked to a wide range of performance conditions
  • Awards made in funds
  • Flexible management information reporting enabling disclosure reports to be produced quickly and securely
  • EquateMobile, our mobile app enabling participants to have easy access to plan information, and to make elections on the go
  • Fully compliant with various tax regimes such as FATCA and capable of providing the required tax reporting
  • Real-time trading
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At Equatex, we are experts in supporting global banking and financial services organisations.