The Happiness Equation

In issue 9: how fulfilment, resilience and joy is the winning formula for a productive workplace.
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Workers’ priorities today are shifting from the accumulation of wealth to the accumulation of experience. So, while focusing on financial rewards may bring short-term benefits to employers, generating a sense of fulfilment will be more effective in terms of recruitment and retention.

In this issue of Reflect, we explore a range of strategies and tools for promoting wellbeing and happiness in the workplace, encompassing everything from health initiatives to share plans. So why not delve into the fruit bowl and give yourself the chance to feel better about your employee experience model.

In issue 9, you will find features on:

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Forget the puppies, give me a share plan

As employers strive to attract talent with increasingly adventurous wellbeing initiatives, there remains one powerful driver to enriching the employee experience. As HR technology consultant Matt Alder explains, it’s called a share plan.

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The Pursuit of Happiness

Jennifer Moss is an accidental entrepreneur. Following a family tragedy, she rebounded to become a best-selling author, researcher and co-founder of Plasticity Labs. Discover what she’s learned about happiness in the process.

disgruntled coworkers

Developing resilience: a guide to workplace happiness

The risk of burnout in the modern working world is high. Workplace coach Brandon Smith shows how we can protect ourselves by becoming more resilient.


Why we should offer fruit AND biscuits

Author Debbie Mitchell explains why choice should be a key element of any wellbeing strategy, while Barbara Martinez reveals some of the healthy initiatives we embrace at Equatex.

Five Lessons

Five lessons learned

Raluca Ciliacu-Hetzer, Senior Manager in Global Human Resources at Fresenius Medical Care, reveals her organization’s approach towards employee wellbeing, and the lessons she’s learned along the way.

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