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No Warranty

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No Liability

To the extent legally possible neither our individual directors, employees nor agents are in any way liable for direct or indirect losses, claims of liability, costs, claims, expenses or damages of any kind, be it on grounds of contract or tort law or any other legal ground that result from the usage of the Websites or in connection with it. This also includes liabilities on grounds of negligence and even applies if we were informed about the possibility of such consequences.



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Intellectual Property Rights

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Severability Clause

If individual provisions of the Terms of Use are considered as invalid, unlawful or not enforceable by a competent court or authority, those provisions will be seen as not a part of the Terms of Use. Additionally, the validation, lawfulness and enforceability of the remaining provisions of the Terms of Use shall not be restricted under the law of the respective country or any country.


Contradictory Provisions in Additional Conditions

Certain websites or its areas may contain additional provisions, conditions, information or disclaimers (jointly “Additional Conditions”). In case of a contradiction of the Terms of Use and the Additional Conditions, the Additional Conditions prevail over the respective Website or its parts.


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